Hawks Need More Billets

The new Sheridan Hawks Junior A Hockey program is still seeking billet families for the upcoming Inaugural season. Players ranging from 16-20 years old, scouted from across the country and internationally, will be arriving in Sheridan August 23rd. Billet families will receive a monthly stipend and season tickets to all home games. You can be a part of this exciting opportunity by contacting Yvonna Shryack at: billet@sheridanhawks.com The article from the Wenatchee Wild demonstrates how rewarding the billeting experience can be.


A personal story from Ryan Johnson:

I have billeted three players, one from Ohio, one from the Czech Republic, and one from Belarus.  They were all fantastic young men that we still talk with to this day.  They are like extended family; a son you never had.

The bond you create with these kids is special.  You can teach them to drive, share their triumphs and sometimes their struggles.  You get to learn something new every day about someone that grew up in a very different place than you.  You get to cheer them on when they score a goal or make a big save.  You get to take them to their first NHL game.  The list goes on, but the single most rewarding thing is my two young boys got to have a big brother.

I watched my kids look at these players like they were superheroes.  They got to play with them every day.  Hours of floor hockey.  Visits to the locker room.  Bed time snuggles.  FaceTime calls to the Czech Republic at weird hours of the day.  Simply put, my kids fell in love with billeting and the players more than me or my wife ever could.

I’ll close with this:  If you are on the fence or apprehensive about billeting, just try it.  This organization has a lot of local support and people 110% behind these kids that will be a part of the team.  In the end, the reward will far outweigh anything you could have possibly imagined.